School Council

Meet The Team

The School Council is made up of representatives from each year group from Year 1 to Year 6. A boy and a girl from each Year group were nominated and an election was held. During regular meetings, the pupils develop Knowsley Lane to make it into a better school and bring pupil’s wishes and ideas to Mrs Lord.

For the 2019 / 2020  academic year, our class councillors are:

Year GroupClass representative
Year 1Masie
Year 1/2Jayden
Year 2Bradley & Sophie
Year 3Shahir
Year 4Cassie
Year 5Neve
Year 6Lexi

School Council Achievements

2017/18 – The School Council raised money and purchased over 200 books for our new Library!

2018/19 – The School Council worked hard on plans and made some great improvements to our outdoor play areas. With new play equipment, decoration, and even bins to ensure our environment is kept clean and safe for all who use it!

2019/20 – The school council had their first meeting with Mrs Lord on Friday 13th September 2019. We all look forward to seeing what ideas they have for Knowsley Lane! #WatchThisSpace