Mission Statement

Building a better future together....

based on Christian Values...based on Strong Values

Here at Knowsley Lane we encourage children to understand strong values such as forgiveness, trust, faith, compassion and love. We promote these values through the celebrations such as Christmas, Easter, Harvest, assemblies and the curriculum.

by nurturing each child's faith journey...by nurturing each child’s faith journey

Here at Knowsley Lane we want all our children to grow in their own faith. For our younger children, linking the major festivals gives a structure within which to deepen their knowledge of their own faith story.

...through enabling Life Long Learning...through enabling “Life Long” Learning

Here at Knowsley Lane we promote lifelong learning through the progression of key skills, such as reading and writing but also through developing life experiences such as going on visits to places in our community.

...by promoting high standards...by promoting high standards

Here at Knowsley Lane we promote the very highest academic standards, moving from concrete operations, to the abstract ensuring mental agility based on sound practice. All our children learn their times tables in our Assertive Mentoring Programme and old fashioned life skills for a modern child.

...through nurturing enquiring minds...through nurturing enquiring minds

Here at Knowsley Lane we encourage all our children to get a love of learning that takes them beyond the classroom into the wider world. Children are able to investigate and find answers to the questions they have generated. Developing an inquiring mind is a key skill in the promotion of deep learning as well as leading you down new unexplored paths.

...by valuing ourselves and others...by valuing ourselves and others

Here at Knowsley Lane children are encouraged to go on a path of self-discovery. Children learn how to take responsibility for their own learning and personal development, as well as how to treat and respect others.

...by striving to succeed...by striving to succeed

Here at Knowsley Lane we work together to overcome any obstacles, however challenging, to achieve our goals. We try and try again, building resilience which helps us deal with any disappointments on our journey to success.

...through the celebration of diversity...through the celebration of diversity

Here at Knowsley Lane we believe that our differences make us stronger. Learning from each other, our traditions and our shared history.