Breakfast Club

It’s important for your child to eat something nutritious each morning to re-fuel for the busy day ahead. Breakfast is an ideal opportunity to eat foods which are rich in B vitamins, folate, iron and fibre.  Skipping breakfast may affect your child’s concentration or leave them feeling ‘fuzzy’. This is because the brain is starving for energy and needs fuel from nutritious foods like grainy bread, breakfast cereals, fruit and milk so it can function at its very best throughout the day.

At Knowsley Lane we run a successful Breakfast Club, Monday to Friday, at a small charge of 50p per day.  For this, children will receive a nutritious breakfast ranging from a choice of cereals, toasts and spreads, beans on toast, crumpets to name but a few.

In addition to this, on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday we are lucky enough to have Everton in the Community (EitC) come in and run a multi-sports club before breakfast starts at no extra charge. This is a great way for children to start their day and boost their energy levels.

DayTimeRun By
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday8:00am - 8:50amEitC
Tuesday and Friday8:15am - 8:50amMrs Muculloch, Mrs Dansfield & Mr Magnall

After School Clubs

Our after school clubs change termly to keep variety going. The table below shows the 2018 Autumn Term Clubs.

As well as a range of different clubs for different year groups, we also have a fortnightly film club for all pupils from Reception up to Year 6 to participate in, at a charge of £2.50 per child.

DayYear groupClubTimeRun By
WednesdayKS1Multi-Sports3.15pm to 4.15pmEitC
ThurdayKS2Multi-Sports3.15pm to 4.15pmEitC
KS2Reading Club3.15pm to 4.15pmMr Whitehall
KS1Art Club3.15pm to 4.15pmMiss Johnston
Friday (Fortnightly)Reception, KS1 & KS2Film Club3.15pm to 5pmMrs Robinson and Mr Owens