For information about how we are keeping our staff and our children safe during the Covid-19 crisis, please see our Covid-19 Trust Support page

Who’s Who


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr S. Bramwell, OBE
PrincipalMrs L. Lord
Deputy Principal Mrs E. Dilworth
Assistant PrincipalMiss C. Martin

Teaching Staff

NurseryMiss C. Henshall
Reception AMrs Miss E. Fitzgerald
Reception BMrs L. Weir
Year 1AMiss H. Murphy
Year 1BMiss A. Harvey
Year 2AMiss N. Burke
Year 2BMrs E. Gibson (SENDCo)
Year 3Miss. A. Lavender-Hynes
Year 3-4Miss A. Johnston
Year 4Miss R. Murray / Mr B. Whitehall
Year 5Miss P. Mckeown
Yar 5-6Miss B. Lappin
Year 6 Miss C. Martin (Assistant Principal)
Cover TeacherMr J. Pritchard
Key StageTeaching Assistants
EYFSMiss L. Barry / Miss N. Barton / Mrs M. Walsh (HLTA)
KS1Miss K. Spinks / Mrs M. Smith / Mrs J. Dransfield
KS2Miss A. Wilson / Mrs E. York / Miss M. Owens / Mrs J. Brady / Mrs P. McCulloch / Mrs T. Archibald

Support Staff

Learning Mentor & Designated Safeguarding LeadMrs S. Whittle
SENDCoMrs E. Gibson
Office AdministratorMrs P. Robinson
Lead Site ManagerMr T. Owens
Musical Instrument TutorsKnowsley Music Service
P.E CoachesEverton In The Community

Welfare Staff

Lunchtime AssistantsMrs K. Larne
Miss E. Williamson
Miss J. Walsh
Miss L. McHugh
Mrs T. Archibald
Mrs J. Dransfield
Miss L. Barry
Mrs P. McCulloch
Miss K. Spinks
CleanersMiss C. Mcaree
Miss H. Robertson
HousekeeperMrs L. McHugh
Kitchen StaffMellors Catering